Non-toxic, Safe Personal Care

After I spent a long time cleaning up our diet, I started focusing on cleaning up our personal care products - body wash, face soaps, lotions, baby wash, lip care, etc.  I used an array of different natural brands, but found Beautycounter about 2 years ago and I was hooked!  After putting so much effort into cleaning up our diet, I was thrilled to find a company who cared about non-toxic personal care. From someone who primarily used coconut oil for everything skin related, this was a big step for me.  

After using these products for 2 years, I decided to share my love with others and join the company!  


I know it's not cheap or easy to swap out ALL of your personal care products at one time, so here's a few of my favorite daily products to start your switch to safe skin products!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar - this little bar is a daily driver at our house! We all use it for facial cleansing and it lasts forever

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion - this moisturizer changed my face forever.  It has bio-mimic technology so it adapts to your face's moisture needs all day long. My face is smooth and happy all day long!

Balancing Facial Mask - this mask is made with activated charcoal that pulls impurities out of your face. It works as an all over mask or even an over night spot treatment for occasional blemishes.

CounterSun Sunscreen - our new sunscreen is the first spray on the market to use air pressure and not aerosol, as the force behind the spray, so it's safe for you to use, and safe for the environment. It also is the first product on the market to block UVA, UVB AND blue light rays.  

Kids Bath Collection - My kids were one of the main reasons I looked for safer skin care.  I didn't want to use toxic products on their sensitive skin.  This kids collection has all the products you need for clean kiddos!

Curious about more?

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